Barycenter Europe
Software that works the way you work.

As technology evolves, your company’s software has to evolve with it. Whether you need to adapt for mobile, enhance an existing system, or create a custom-designed solution from scratch, Barycenter Europe provides seamless, user-friendly solutions. Our team of experts can come together at a moment’s notice. No technical problem is too small for our attention or too complex for us to solve. Good communication is central to our process. We won’t begin a project before we fully understand your needs, and we’ll always keep you informed of our progress. Because we respect your business, we do our work without disrupting your day-to-day operations.

Why do we go this extra mile? Because at Barycenter Europe, we believe your software should adapt to the way you work—and not the other way around.


Our Services:
•    Solution Architecture
•    Software Architecture
•    Scrum Mastering
•    Lead Software Development & Software Development
•    Technical Consulting
•    Technical Validation
•    Training

Our Specialties:
•    System
•    Virtualization
•    Software Engineering
•    Web Applications
•    iPad Application Design
•    .net
•    Agile methodology

Our Experience
Our experience spans over 40 industries, and our clients include small and medium businesses as well as CAC 40 corporations.

Typical Client Profiles:
•    E-commerce companies with complex marketing operations
•    Small & medium businesses in need of basic services
•    Companies of any size with cross-domain technical problems
•    Software companies in need of solution integrations

Partial list of Industries:
•    Pharmaceutical
•    Insurance
•    E-commerce
•    Defense
•    Health
•    Media
•    TV
•    Web agencies
•    Internet Service Providers
•    Banks
•    Education
•    Aeronautical
•    Geospatial Intelligence
•    Governmental Organizations

Partial Client List:
•    Servier
•    Aon France
•    Infogenesis
•    Digital Commerce Factory
•    Ventes Privées
•    Bayer
•    Accor
•    Econom
•    Chronodirect
•    Trépia

Fahd Fassi Fehri, CEO & CTO
If there’s one thing that drives Fahd it’s his love of complex problem solving. At University Paris 12 he studied mathematics and computer science and became fascinated by computational complexity theory and safety and security technologies. Upon graduation, he began working for a variety of clients across industries. Each new challenge demanded a unique solution and helped to sharpen Fahd’s skills. After 13 years of freelancing in over 40 industries, Fahd developed an uncanny ability to pinpoint the source of any technical problem. He also gained a great deal of insight into his clients’ needs. Wishing to grow his business and his influence as a tech solution provider and consultant, Fahd founded Barycenter Europe in 2013.